What comes to mind for you when you think of a “high performance” team?

The Blue Angels who fly daring stunts and formations you can’t believe are possible? Trapeze artists who catapult themselves into the air with impeccable timing to perform acrobatics that take your breath away? A choir where everyone is so in tune that they seem to sing with one exquisite voice? A pit crew at a Formula 1 race that takes under 3 seconds to change all four tires at the same time? An operating room team that saves people’s lives day in day out under the most stressful races against the clock?

Or is it more pedestrian for you? Just get the work done, preferably as much work as (in)human(e)ly possible. Stay busy and productive all day long. Be efficient with your time by using all of it, without respite. Do task after task after task. No emotion. No real connection with other humans. Just “heads-down”, focus on “the business”.

What does “performance” mean? And how do you see/know what “high” is?

Maybe what we might want is not “high performance”, but “deep performance”?

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