I’m noticing the energy of anger in me today. Anger at myself for not having figured out what will crack the code of finding a place to do the work I feel called to doing. Anger at the state of the world of work, where the focus is still on monetary profit and keeping our humanity out of the workplace. Anger at the misunderstandings I imagine floating “out there” of what agile coaching is, in particular the “coaching” part. Anger about the disconnection and isolation all around us. Anger at imagining I need more “training” or “certificates” or “stamps of approval” from some “authority”. Anger at feeling stuck, at having no outlet, no collaboration, no feeling of abundance. Anger at the anger itself and not knowing where to put that energy to productive use. It’s an anger spiral today. And I just have to wait for it to dissipate. This post is one way of helping to make that happen. #Anger #Angry

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Thinking about containers, differences, and exchanges, I took this photo the other day, as I was shuffling some cocoa powder from one vessel to another. What do you see? Why would I do this? How does what you see transfer to human systems dynamics? What might this metaphor evoke for you? #HSD #HumanSystemsDynamics Glenda Eoyang Royce Holladay

P.S.: Ignore the cat food dish and the cat toy on the floor…

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I’m not feeling quite done yet, missing one final homework assignment, but this was a solid course that covered many, many useful things. Thank you Molood Ceccarelli and Maren Frank for your holding of space and holding of feet to the fire. It was good to be part of the first cohort. Thank you also to my fellow travelers Bobbie Ferrari, Mun-Wai Chung, Hooman Hodjat and JF (John Francis) Unson (he/him). And the larger cohort as well, many of whom I sadly didn’t get to work with more closely. Lena Pernold Christer Dahlström Frank Leong Armin Troy Astra Valters, Agilist Marcin Fliszta Susanne Harelius I really enjoyed our synchronous sessions.

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