You know what I’m tired of? The goal posts getting moved. All. The. Time. Just when you think you know something, are good at something, feel skillful at something – poof, someone moves the goal post on you. And you know what’s even worse, sometimes the one doing that for others is me.

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An agile transformation happens conversation by conversation. That’s what makes it slow. And without time for conversation, guess what? No transformation. This is also why transformation roadmaps are a bit of a fool’s errand. You can’t predict what the next conversation will need to be about or who it needs to be with. #agile #transformation #is #conversation

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I wonder if this might be true more than you and I want to admit: agile coaches of all stripes have a deep need to be wanted – actually wanted. Not just to “bring the agile”, but to be engaged in the dance of opening new vistas for everyone they come into contact with, and to walk to those vistas together. To be a companion on a con-quest of inner discovery, leading to a new outward expression.

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Is a “rank and yank” employee management system at complete odds with the possibility to develop psychological safety in an organization? It seems to me that it is, but I’m curious about what you think. #PsychologicalSafety #HR #SystemsThinking #Leadership

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After watching #Encanto last night, here are some thoughts about parallels to work teams (NOT family dynamics). Each character has their own special “gift” which seems to largely define them and their role in the team. That’s often how things are at work too. Maribel is … 1/?

… different. She doesn’t have a “gift” (at least not one we know of). In other words, she’s not specialized. It’s not even apparent if she’s “deep” on anything. Turns out, she is, but not in the traditional understanding of “deep”. 2/?

Maribel is an embodiment of a long list of gifts that tend to be undervalued in a work context: Curiosity, courage, care, seeing the bigger picture, empathy, connection. All of that combined is what ends up making her magical. Her gift is integration. 3/3 #Encanto

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