Many people in “the agile circles” know about the work of Michele and Jim McCarthy and The Core Protocols. How many teach (or even introduce) them to the teams they work with? Do you? How? #psychologicalsafety #emotionalintelligence #highperformanceteams

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Why don’t you let technical line employees do the job of their managers as well, CapitalOne? I’m sure that would save you more money than letting go of the few agile coaches. I mean, people have been managed for way longer than agile coaches have been around, so surely employees know that work even better and can integrate it into their daily work even more easily.

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The bottleneck in your agile transformation is probably not located with your teams, your product owners, your scrum masters, your agile coaches or any other first-line employee. It’s likely in how willing and committed your leadership is to making time for learning, both for themselves and for the first-line employees. Transformation – true transformation – requires learning. And learning requires time. Impatience will make all of that harder.

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It’s almost 1 am and I can’t fall asleep. I’ve been pondering that for a good two hours now. Why can’t I fall asleep? And then I remembered: I don’t drink coffee, but today I was asked if I wanted Starbucks and instead of going with just a hot chocolate, I went for a Mocha. That’s why I can’t sleep. And I have a three hour event where I need to co-facilitate starting in 7 hours. I unconsciously made a bad choice and am paying the price.

Draw what agile parallel you will/can from that.

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