Most of the barriers to change nowadays (whether they be related to agile journeys or other change) lie in the unwillingness or inability to dedicate time to learning. Gerald Weinberg said in his second law of consulting “No matter how it looks at first, it’s always a people problem.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say “And most often it’s a people problem anchored in a lack of willingness to invest in time for learning.” Possibly s/learning/thinking/g

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Five years ago today, I said my last earthly goodbye to my mother.

She died almost three years later.

But I knew in that moment
when the gate doors closed
behind her wheelchair
this would be the last time I would see her

And I mourned then
more than when
we gathered to put her to rest

This week has been marked
with deaths of people near me
full of remembrances
and sorrow
and tears

As the poster on my daughter’s door says
Close your eyes
Count to one
That’s how long forever feels

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Some of us talk a lot about high performance and high performance teams. Where did the word performance originate? I suspect in the “performing arts” – theater, music, acrobatics, etc. And how does a great performance come about? Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. So where is the space for that in the “work” context? I think we need to talk about rehearsal more.

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While you all are having fun at #agile2023, I got to deliver an internal workshop on “Conflict” today. It touched on ideas from Human Systems Dynamics #HSD, Crucial Conversations and Nonviolent Communication #nvc. As far as I can tell it was well received and included design elements from Training from the Back of the Room #TBR, like Connection, Concepts, Concrete Practice, and Conclusions #4Cs

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I recently did my taxes (there’s a time extension where I live) and ended up with a balance due that was not insignificant. I liken that situation to Agile software development technical practices. I didn’t pay attention to details as the year went along, and ended up paying the price. I think the metaphor about leaving crufty code around should be reframed from technical debt to technical taxes. Because they will come due sooner than later. It feels better to pay as you go.

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Coaching agile is “Shouting Into the Wind”. Prepare yourself for getting little engagement or feedback. If you thrive on engagement and feedback or – gasp – true collaboration and co-creation, get ready for ongoing disappointment. You will need the patience of a rock.

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If I never hear the word “exponential” again when it comes to “agile” and “business” it will be too soon. While the idea exists from a mathematical, and perhaps limited real-world perspective, it’s such an abused term, and so impractically seductive that it acts like the flame that moths are attracted to in the dark, only to be incinerated by it. I’m looking at “exponential leadership”, “exponential agile”, “exponential business”, “exponential intelligence”, “exponential growth”, “exponential change”. Yes, I’m cranky about it.

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