What would you rather have: someone to help you whose main motivation is to help you accomplish desired goals, while getting paid – or someone whose main motivation is to get paid, while helping you accomplish desired goals? What does that say about “you”? What does it say about “them”?

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As I was taking the recycling and trash to the curb, the thought came to me that all our problems of ontology, epistemology and philosophy stem from the somewhat arrogant idea that as a species we humans deserve to exist. Well, it’s wired into us, I guess, so what can you do…?

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If you doubt that your entire body “is” your brain, think for a moment about how your best ideas seem to often come to you when you’re doing some kind of movement: taking a shower, brushing your teeth, doing some dishes, folding or hanging laundry, running, walking, biking, etc. And read Amanda Blake’s book “Your Body is Your Brain”.

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I suspect part of the design of the American credit score system is to make it harder for people to move their money and business elsewhere, because when your account history is shorter, your score is lower. And when you close accounts, that dings you too. So financial institutions basically have no incentive to treat customers well.

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