If you are looking for work in the agile space and would like a place to talk about your search and how it’s going, I host a small gathering on Tuesdays at around noon Pacific time that could do with a few new participants. DM me here if you’re interested. We don’t set a particular agenda – it’s really just space for connecting with others in the same/similar “boat”. Feel free to share with others too.

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I wonder if it’s time for me to create for myself one of those mysterious sounding buddhist-like names. That seems to be a prerequisite for attaining enlightenment. People with ordinary names seem to be unable to reach that pinnacle. And I think it has to have exotic characters in it that nobody knows how to pronounce. Like å, æ, ø, ö, ä or ü. Heck, most people can’t even find those on their keyboards, so it will truly be only mine, and inspired by the two cultures I stem from. How about Skön Høg? [Proceeds to remove tongue from cheek.]

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I recently completed a learning journey with the Human Systems Dynamics institute (www.hsdinstitute.org), and am now on a path to embedding the HSD ways of being and working into my own ongoing reinvention. Thank you Glenda Eoyang, Royce Holladay, Laura Williams and my fellow Cohort 58 travelers – especially my smaller learning group colleagues: Julie Crabtree, Amy Schrempp, Yianna Vovides, and April Schnell!

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