If your job posting is titled “Agile Scrum Master”, good luck both on the hiring side and on the applicant side. I know without looking what other words are in the job description: drive, monitor, ensure, enforce, escalate, maturity, measure, metrics.

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When you invite guests to your house (maybe for dinner), what do you usually do? [Covid, I know – stay with me for a minute] Do you pick “untidy” things up and put them away? Vacuum or sweep the floors? Get some flowers for the table?

When you hire an agile coach or scrum master, what would be the equivalent preparation?

Continuing that metaphor – if you are the one invited and you find the house a bit messy, and your hosts ask for a bit of help tidying up, do you walk around looking and pointing out what needs to be done, or do you help pick things up and ask where they would best go?

Might the difference be that between a consultant and a coach?

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I don’t know about you, but there are days and nights where I’m absolutely paralyzed about doing anything “meaningful” after the working part of the day is done. I think this pandemic is finally getting its clammy, cold grip on me. I’ve been hiding from it pretty successfully so far, but now I’m out of hiding places.

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I think I’ve figured out why I have a certain distaste for both consulting companies and American style capitalism. Both are essentially about not spending your own life energy to get a “return”, but benefiting from others’ life energy being spent continuously for your “return” or reusing life energy spent by someone else in the past. It’s sort of the ultimate inequity. And both are essentially lazy. And don’t get me wrong, I love lazy. Just not this kind. Expressing this distaste has limited my career options in the past. So this is quite risky for me to put out there.

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From today’s Ten Percent Happier “Ted Lasso” meditation challenge on kindness. Words to remember to express for someone in need: “May you allow yourself to be imperfect. May you accept yourself just as you are. May you trust that you are enough – right now. May you remember that that there are people who care about you.” Now turn those words inward, to yourself. “May I …”

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