I just noticed a bunch of connection requests from people who follow me here. My rule of thumb for that is: I need at least a personal note to go along with the request. Especially if we’ve never met (online or IRL). If you asked to connect and I did not accept, that’s probably why.

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“If only my team could deliver more with less and be more predictable, we’d be in much better shape, business-wise. We’d fulfill all the promises we’ve already made to our internal stakeholders and customers.”

“I’m so sorry that that’s not how the world of software development works. How much longer do you want to have too high expectations, making promises on other people’s behalf that you don’t know if they can fulfill, and how is that serving you and the business?”

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Here’s a thing that’s been on my mind recently. The Scrum Master role (or “accountability”, if you will) is a perfect setup for landing you in a Karpman Drama Triangle. You’ll easily fall into the Rescuer role when removing impediments. And you’ll also easily fall into the Persecutor role if you’re pointing at where a team or organization is falling short of an ideal that scrum holds up. I’ll leave it to you to think about where you might fall into the Victim role.


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