In case you don’t know this already: all software systems, even though run by computers, only function in symbiosis with human beings. Only living beings have the necessary resilience to recover from harm and injury. Whatever is happening over at Twitter right now is clear evidence that many people, especially in top-leadership of software companies, don’t know this.

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How do we change the narrative that only layoffs can “save” struggling companies? How do we change the narrative that rich people are worthy of deep admiration and blind respect? Is it in MBA programs, in college, high school, middle school, elementary school, kindergarten, at home before all that? Is it at parties, water cooler talks, at the beach or lake with friends? Is it on TV, the radio, facebook? Do you really believe that money should be the driving factor for our lives? That everything can be measured in money? That being rich and amassing possessions is somehow laudable and worthy of emulation? What do you believe?

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