The lesson of the price sticker: Have you ever had the desire to remove a price sticker from something you bought?

You start by wedging a fingernail under the edge of the sticker to see how much adhesive force the sticker glue has. Then you try to gently lift off the sticker, hoping the glue will come off as well. As you do this you may become impatient and pull harder on the little edge or corner you’ve now lifted free.

And the sticker tears, because the adhesive is too strong for the paper to remain in one piece. And now you have part of the sticker between your fingers, and glue and torn paper left on the item you bought. So you try prying the sticker loose from a different edge, one where you can still get a fingernail under a pristine piece of sticker.

And this time you pull more slowly. And still the sticker may tear and leave glue on the item. You get frustrated. Why did they have to make this glue so strong? Why is the sticker so flimsy? What a mess this is leaving!

So you keep at it. At some point you may have most of the sticker removed, but now there’s still glue on the item. Time to bring out the wiping alcohol. And hoping that using the alcohol will not mar the item’s surface finish as you try rubbing away the glue with the alcohol.

Behold your agile transformation efforts!


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