This is the list of people who have joined the SELF-CARE alliance:

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Lak Lam 2023-02-28 2023-02-28
Nadya Ichinomiya 2021-08-26 2021-08-26
Kristina Rudolph 2021-01-18 2021-01-18
Catherine Lyman 2020-08-10 2020-08-10
CHRISTOPHER LEE 2020-06-03 2020-07-27
Julio Gonzales 2020-07-17 2020-07-17
Jenny Tarwater 2020-07-10 2020-07-10
Rich Valde 2020-07-10 2020-07-10
Matt Carlson 2020-06-27 2020-06-27
Season Hughes 2020-06-16 2020-06-16


Hiring companies: Look, I get that it’s frustrating to be looking for people to help you with growing agility in your software development efforts and business in general. But what I see happening right now probably isn’t helping you. I see the same job descriptions in listings on LinkedIn from at least two or three agencies, and not just for one position. It makes it look as if there are more jobs out there than is the case. And it makes it very confusing for people who want to help you by applying for the openings. I’ve heard that, normally, hiring managers reach out to their network first to find potential candidates. I’m not sure if that’s happening now, with the hair-on-fire Covid-19 situation, but it sure doesn’t seem like it. I consider myself fairly well connected, and I’m on the market. Please take a look at my profile and especially my recommendations if you’re looking for an agile coach. I’m sure I can help you.

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Today I am excited and proud to launch a new alliance* in the agile software development field: The SELF-CARE Alliance (Sustaining Everyone Longing For – Community of Agile RespitE, [or make your own acronym])

Any good alliance needs a few things: membership qualifications, a certification program, an FAQ, a badge / logo / seal, and a manifesto – what am I forgetting?

Anyway, starting from the back, going in random order:

The manifesto: You are agile enough! That’s it. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. No tensions, dualities, values, or any of that. Enough said.

Membership qualification: You become a member by realizing that you have enough knowledge, enough skills, enough training, enough certificates, enough letters behind your name on LinkedIn, enough pages in your resume, enough experience, enough confidence, enough self-control, enough capability to connect and help where needed. Simply put – you are enough, just the way you are.

The certification program: No expensive classes, no gatekeepers, no bar of excellence to meet, no travel to take, no exam to pass, no committee to convince, no new version of a framework to master, no membership dues, no renewal fees, no nothing. You just decide that you have had enough, and declare yourself an AC-e – “Agile Certified – enough”. That’s it. The final letters for putting after your name on your LinkedIn profile.

The FAQ:


Because you’re enough. You don’t need to chase “more”. It’s all good. You’ve GOT this.

Do you have a theme song?

Yes! Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are” – not applied to some imaginary “other”, but to yourself.

Do you have a badge I can put on my website, resume, etc.?

You bet:


Is there more?

No. That’s enough.

If you’d like to signal to others that you’re joining this alliance, please do so here:

* It’s a pretty small alliance right now, with a membership of one (the author). I wrote this mostly as a reminder to myself. Maybe it’s helpful to you as well.