Let’s do Tongue-in-cheek Tuesday.

I wish more people would know how easy “agile” is. All you need to do is:
– Trust the people who do the work to be able to learn, do the work right, and do it with care
– Find something worthwhile to work on
– Let the people who do the work tell you when it’s done

I’ll let you unpack that for a while.

What do you wish more people knew about “agile”?

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You may not realize this, but when you pay an agile coach (especially an enterprise coach), you’re paying for the way they bring themselves, their consciousness, their self-mastery, their sense-making, and their humanity to your organization. And because it is so rare for people to bring these things, it’s going to cost you – both in terms of money, and in terms of (temporary) disorientation and a certain discomfort, which will eventually turn to comfort. You’re paying for the seed to humanize your organization.

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T-shirts are pretty terrible as a sizing metaphor, actually. Have you ever looked at a sizing chart and translated that into physical representation? No? Here’s what it looks like. The base image (S) represents 27” of shirt length. The XXL is proportionally sized to show 31”, and everything in-between is correspondingly sized (27.5”, 28”, 30”). Makes me think a bit… You?

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