Sorry folks, it’s not “RIP” when you’re trying to express sympathy for people who are no longer alive. It’s “Rest in Peace”, fully spelled out, respecting the time they were alive by taking the time not to use an abbreviation. And if anything, it should be R. I. P., but even that is a pale consideration. Please, please, please, do better, I beg you. #feelingTriggered

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From a major healthcare network newsletter: “The highly contagious omicron variant continues to spread throughout our communities.”

How about: “All of our individual decisions and collective disagreements are continuing to enable the highly contagious omicron variant to spread throughout our communities.” (i.e. Fixed It For You.) #thirdrail #yesIwentThere

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You know that old “saw” about woodcutting and sharpening your tool? How if you just keep cutting and don’t stop to sharpen the tool, you won’t be able to cut anymore? Some people solve that by bringing in new saws all the time. Has the pandemic stopped that yet? Are there still sharp saws out there? Or is it time to sit down and learn the art of sharpening the saw you have?

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If there is a furnace/heater in your house, chances are it’s fairly old. Mine is from 2002. It needed a pressure switch replaced recently, so it would keep functioning. It still works, but the technician said if I replace the whole furnace, I could get a much more efficient one. So, while it fulfills its original purpose (heating the house), a new purpose showed up: less energy use.

How might your work system be like a furnace?

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