I am a coach. I am not above you, I am not below you – I am outside of you. I am your thought partner. I am your mirror, if you want me to be. I talk with you. I am quiet with you. I receive you. I hold no judgment. I serve you. My current expression is Agile coaching, and I have no doubt that that will morph and grow. I have my own coach who serves me in the same way. #coaching #agile #agilecoach #coach #leadership

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PSA warning for jobseekers: Do NOT sign up for Monster, CareerBuilder or TechCareers or anything related to Nexxt dot com. They will spam you with irrelevant jobs and share your email with low-value-add job chop-shops that will be wasting your time, playing the numbers game. #jobsearch#jobsearchadvice#lookingforwork

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Here’s a controversial take for you (and possibly some tilting at windmills on my part). It’s about “behavioral” questions in interviews, seen from a complexity / human systems dynamics point of view. You know the format for answering a behavioral question: situation, task, action, result (STAR) or problem, solution, result (PSR) or situation, obstacle, action, result (SOAR) or whatever other abbreviation covers the same pattern. There are a number of assumptions in there. One: the problem the questioner is putting forth is sufficiently similar to something you’ve experienced. Two: the context they have in mind has been sufficiently described and matches well enough to the context of the situation you may have experienced. Three: the solution you had or the action you took would have a similar result and solve the problem. So we’re assuming the same “Container”, the same “Difference” and the same “Exchange”. That seems to me to be fraught with problems. On one hand, companies like to say “We’re unique. Standard approaches won’t work here.” And on the other hand they like to say “Tell us how you’ve solved this exact problem in the past, so we can feel good about hiring you.” I’m not sure you can have it both ways. I wonder what’s beyond the #BehavioralInterview. #Complexity #HSD

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It’s getting a bit ridiculous, applying for jobs. Recruiters post jobs using their client company logos, making you think that you’re applying directly. This is misleading and artificially inflates, once again, the number of jobs out there.

Hiring companies/managers – please stop this and tell your recruiters not to do it.

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