At the risk of being blasphemous: We are often asked to justify why it’s worth it to have us as agile practitioners/coaches/guides on payroll/contract. What value do we bring, since we don’t “do” anything? And we are asked to argue for our worth and show our value in a direct-line-causation-chain. I wonder if anyone ever asks that of middle managers (directors, senior directors, VP’s, etc.)?

If you take something like Esther Derby’s SEEM model (she’s my source for that, at least), how does someone who is charged with Enabling & Enhancing draw a direct-line-causation-chain to the value and outcomes of their work? Is it just assumed that that value is there? If so, why can’t it just be assumed that the same holds true for agile practitioners/coaches? I’m genuinely curious what your take on this might be.

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