Ever since the advent of social media sites, many of us have given up “owning” the things we put “out into the world”. Those sites make it easy to publish little things when you’re visiting anyway. We go for the low-friction way, forgetting that we put our creations in the hands of some other entity that we have no control over.

One of the original intents behind blogging and personal websites was to make it easy to own your content. Anyone can technically spin up a website with a content-management system like WordPress or some such thing behind it, contributing to the wonderful world of RSS feeds and the “blogosphere”. But social media sites have come and taken some of that away.

Well, I’ve finally taken one little step towards owning my content more, and pulled it all down from LinkedIn and imported to this here little corner of the web that I call “home” (or one of my homes, anyway). So if you’re curious about seeing most of what I have put out on LinkedIn, check out https://www.agile-clarity.com/linkedin  (Also available from the main menu as “LinkedIn Lingerings”)

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