Think of the roles of product owner and scrum master like you think of a symphony orchestra conductor. They listen closely to the musicians and can give detailed feedback to them based on a vision they have for how they interpret the sheet music. The sheet music might have been given to them by someone else, but they have a clear idea of what needs to happen when and how, based on the written notes.

The product owner’s “sheet music” is the product vision. The scrum master’s “sheet music” is the scrum framework. Large deviations from both won’t produce satisfying results, similarly to how an orchestra would not produce satisfying music if they didn’t follow the score. However, following the score still allows for amazing interpretation, creativity, and expression.

You could, of course, take this analogy further by asking “Who composes the music?”, etc. I leave that for you to play with, perhaps even in the comments, if you so choose.

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