Here are some of my favorite videos related to agile, the agile mindset, leadership, organizational change, and practices. What are one or two of yours?

The Agile Fluency Model Explained: A Brief Guide to Success with Agile (
Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell (
The Backwards Brain Bicycle (
Itay Talgam: Lead like the great conductors (
The puzzle of motivation | Dan Pink (
On being wrong | Kathryn Schulz (
Start with why | Simon Sinek | TEDxPugetSound (
What’s the Story About Agile Data? (
Creating Leadership and Engagement at Every Level (
How to Make the Whole Organization Agile (
David Chilcott – Agile NZ 2015 (
Lyssa Adkins and Michael K Spayd ‘Have an Agile Enterprise’ – Agile NZ 2015 (
Alistair Cockburn – Heart of Agile – 2018 (

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