With the Thanksgiving holiday happening this week in the U.S., it seems like a good time to post this. I will be tagging people – not to draw accolades, but to alert them to my gratitude for their companionship, near and far. Tarang Patel, CST Michaele Gardner Marc Trudeau Heather Parsons Winter Eric Rapin Andrew Webster Lorraine Aguilar Michael Nassif Volker Frank Jyotsna Maan Ferah Shea Maureen Nonnenmann Karen Gimnig Ali Khan Julia Rose Walker, MA, MPH (she/her) Chris Sims Paula Espinoza-Wells, MEd, CSM, CSPO Season Hughes Diana Larsen (she/her/hers) Larry Apke Sharon Small Marie Murtagh Christopher Avery Bernie Maloney, CST Sam McAfee Mark Spitzer Nate Ashford Mark Kilby Erik Gibson Esther Derby George Dinwiddie Rusty Haley Emilia Breton-Lake Ann-Marie Kong Brian Wills April Jefferson Heather Mcfarland Steve Ross Cory McIlroy Jack Sisson

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