This collaborative poem came out of a Zoom meeting recently. Unfortunately, I can’t credit the co-creators with anything more than their first names. And I don’t know if I have permission to share this, but it’s too good not to. The prompt was “pressure cooker”. Each of us wrote one line, not knowing in what order it would come together or what the others wrote. I find it quite amazing. #TenDirections #GreatVillageConversation


Humming fecundity. Aching, afraid, awaiting the taste of the first bite.
Soothed with cold water, it won’t blow up.
The walls are closing in to reveal the injustice in our society.
Brewing, brewing. Making a stew, season to taste. Add salt and let it sit.
The steam condenses under the lid.
The more it goes on the more it grows.
As the pressure increases I become fuller.

by Lauren, Margaret, Simone, Marci, Oluf, Dave and William

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