You could see Agile software development like this:


A bit of a disorganized mess. Cowboy coding. Ad-hoc testing. Documentation? What documentation?!

Or you could see it like this:


A well organized, orderly collection of specialized tools, fit for a particular purpose, but still retaining individual uniqueness. The disciplined practice of Scrum. Sharpening your skills regularly. Organizing the work and tools to waste less time and to be more effective.

Or you could see it like this:


A well-enough organized collection of the various things you probably need to get most jobs done. A cross-skilled team that can learn quickly to fill gaps in knowledge and capabilities. A mob of brilliant minds, working together all the time, resulting in high quality work and high team cohesion and team joy.

And every once in a while you might need to supplement with a few extra implements:


Bring in those rarely needed specialist skillsets. Get an architect to sit with you and code hands-on style.

And a few real questions are – who decides? Who organizes the drawer? Who senses when the drawer has become a hopeless mess and encourages you to clean it up?

What other questions can you think of?

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